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Therefore, it is not a bad idea to consider secondary objectives such as: clicks on ads subscription to bulletins request for information download brochures or catalogs visit a specific page subscribe to rss social recommendation participation get in touch a fan or follower. There is the belief that if we do not have an online store magenta, prestashop, commerce,, it is not possible to make sales on the internet having an online store has its advantages, but also its drawbacks, because we are forcing the social media user to leave their environment facebook, twitter, to enter our store.

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The blog allows us to leave the rigidity of the templates of the online store and to be able to expand and enrich the information around our product, in a totally customizable way with images, videos, large texts, calls to action, etc. The following example clearly shows the difference the first image corresponds to the online store of some well-known department stores. The only information youtube accounts for sale that gives us is the album cover. This trip costs a single click, in practice can be a real chaste paraphrase the famous adage, if the user does not come to the store, the store will go to the user, we must consider different alternatives to get our offers directly to the social profiles of our potential customers.

Then, an entry in the blog of the same large store where, in addition to the image, we have a comprehensive review in text, a video clip and the corresponding social buttons to spread and promote the buy instagram pva content in social networks. Which of the two web pages is more likely to convince us to make the purchase? If, in addition, we use as a platform for our blog, we can add a multitude of plugins to give our blog all the functionality of an online store plugin woo commerce, so we will find the best of both worlds at our service we have detected in the previous phases that our potential customers are in this social network.

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The most effective solution involves implementing a business app online directly on our facebook page we do not have the possibility of implementing an online store or our strategy does not contemplate selling online, we can still use facebook to derive traffic to our offline business in this case, it is essential to announce ourselves with striking images and clear calls to action. The possibilities of online trading on twitter are still limited and we can only show our ads to derive traffic to our on/ offline commerce solution.pinterest, an eminently visual social network, also allows us to create a wonderful showcase where to display our product catalogportal youtube has launched its yt commerce solution in beta, which allows us within our own channel to show videos along with product tabs and purchase buttons as with pinterest, we can use this social network as an excellent showcase for our products.

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The facebook of professionals does not escape the possibility of promoting our products or services, either through the company pages. This question gives and will give much to speak and that fact we could write pages and pages talking about it, but as i am of those who think that good, if brief, twice good, i will answer in a very brief. For me social networks buy instagram account are nothing more than the evolution of the traditional ways of communicating the human being, who have advanced with the use of new channels and tools, and which are based on co-creation, collective knowledge and general trust. Within these new channels we can find many classifications such as blogs, news aggregates, wikis.